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Sea Salt Scrub $125

Sea salt is applied to your entire body. It contains over 74 beneficial trace minerals, all known to be essential for your health & vitality. Revitalizes & removes toxins, increases circulation & rids away dry skin. Your skin will feel soft, smooth & silky, like a baby!

Sugar Scrub $125

We use a dry brush technique to help exfoliate and soften your skin, leaving you free of dead skin cells. It helps with the signs of aging and wrinkling. Your skin will be baby soft afterwards. You also get to choose the scent of your sugar scrub!

Mud Wrap $150

Botanical mud treatment combines natural minerals & trace elements to release toxins from the body & firm and the natural earthy mixture is just what you need to purify your skin and refine your skin in one single wrap!

Seaweed Wrap $150

It hydrates & nourishes the skin as it helps the body to eliminate toxins. A full dry brushing technique is performed to help rid the toxins toward the lymphatic system, followed by the application of warm, soothing oils & seaweed. You will be wrapped in a warm thermal blanket, while experience a hand and head massage. You will lose inches of body fat!

An Escape at Mary Lynn’s Massage & Day Spa $350

Treat yourself or a loved one to a wonderful, relaxing “Royal Spa Experience.” You will enjoy a seaweed or mud wrap, aromatherapy massage of choice, fabulous rejuvenating facial, a chocolate peppermint hand and foot scrub and a hand paraffin treatment. A true gift or guilty please!

Massage Tempe | Phoenix spa | Massage Tempe AZ | Weight Loss Phoenix

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