Weight Loss Therapy

Mineral Weight Loss Wraps

Very aggressive and safe wrap and it works! Lose 20 to 40 inches of body fat! It is NOT water weight loss. The minerals and products used in this wrap pull all the toxins out of your body to get a healthier, slimmer, more toned appearance. You will continue to detoxify for 48 hours thereafter and lose more inches and weight. First we give you a mineral drink to help with the detox process, than we measure you and we wrap you like a mummy and place you in a warm bed. After we un wrap you, we measure you and go over your results                                                           $205 per session or package price available

Weight Loss Bed

To understand this therapy better; this is a multi-functional machine that serves many purposes:

1. It sculpts your body with the electrode stimulation.

2. Detoxifies your lymphatic system every minute to keep you healthy and reduce all the toxins.

3. Contracts your muscles like being at the gym for 3 hours but with no pain or soreness the next day because it is a natural contraction.

4. The heat inductor makes you seat out all the toxins and break down the “body fat” to lose weight.

$150 per session or package price available.


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